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The Epstein article adds this starting point to the radiological trail:

The Specter That Haunts the Death of Litvinenko - The New York Sun

When Mr. Lugovoi flew from Moscow to London on October 15 on Transaero Airlines, no radiation traces were found on his plane. It was only after he had met with Litvinenko at Erinys International on October 16 that traces were found on the British Airways planes on which he later flew, suggesting to the Russian investigators that the trail began in London and then went to Moscow. They also found that in London the trail was inexplicably erratic, with traces that were found, as they noted, "in a place where a person stayed for a few minutes, but were absent in the place where he was staying for several hours, although these events follow one after another."

It's possible though that there was no Polonium trail before because there was no improper handling of the Polonium container before that meeting. But whatever happened on 16 October, the eventual lethal dose and the teacup cleaning staff and the other contamination at the Pine Bar on 1 October seem to support a second contamination event that day.

However, a crucial difference between the Epstein and Panorama timelines I see is the place of the 16 October meeting: Epstein places it at Erinys International, Panorama at the ITSU. It's possible that there have been two meetings that day, but neither source mentions both. Can this be cleared up from any third source?

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