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So, people are smuggling radioactive material through London, and are being tracked by both the FSB and MI6?

One of the parties is perhaps selling it to the other... this would surely be Lugovi to Litvinenko, rather than the other way round : polonium, with its short half-life, has to be fresh to be of much use.

What would it be for? Not for triggering a home-made thermonuclear bomb, that really doesn't seem too probable technologically. If it's for a dirty bomb, or some sort of terrorist contamination stunt, that's more plausible, but who would want it, and why would Litvinenko be working with them? At some stage, some sort of motive is needed to build a plausible narrative.

So the frame idea is the most plausible one. And both sides are bluffing and trying to draw out the other party in order to trap them. Lugovi and his pal are, in one scenario, working for the FSB and are offering to supply Litvinenko with polonium to pass on to his Chechen friends. The idea is that it's a sting operation, once he's bought the package then they tip off the British authorities, and Litvinenko is busted and destroyed as an irritant. What's Litvinenko's game? Unless he's barking mad, he has no use for the polonium, but perhaps wants to trap the guys and hand them over to the British authorities, with whom he has a working relationship.

And these guys are clowning around with polonium. If the hypothesis is that they unscrew the lid to prove that it's the real shit -- look, it glows -- one has to believe that they know next to nothing about its dangers. One is reminded of a Woody Allen film where someone shows him a kilo of cocaine, look it's worth X thousand dollars, and Woody sneezes and blows it all over the room.

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by eurogreen on Wed Dec 12th, 2012 at 10:49:30 AM EST
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