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Ireland seems to have been "reformed" first.
Angelique Sabag Gautiller calls herself a pioneer and, indeed, the smiling, blonde-haired, blue-eyed 40-year-old is, in fact, something of a trailblazer in Israel. Convicted in July 2011 of "conspiring to cause a person to leave the country in order to work in prostitution," for helping nine Israeli women work as prostitutes in Ireland, Gautiller was sentenced to 30 months in prison in the Neve Tirza women's prison--making her, in short, the Jewish state's first female pimp.


Gautiller and Byrne grew close, and in 2006, Byrne promoted Gautiller to an assistant position. Her task was to find Israeli women to work in Ireland, a country with one of the biggest prostitution industries in Europe.

The trial and publicity may have had an effect:
"Until I came along, there were hardly any Israeli girls who traveled abroad to work as prostitutes," Gautiller told me just before her prison sentence began. "After my story became famous, more and more women suddenly realized that if they had to work at this shitty profession, they should at least earn good money." She speculated that the business plan she capitalized on would only grow in popularity once the new anti-prostitution legislation passed. "I promise you that in the coming years you'll hear that prostitution in Israel is in decline, but the prostitutes will not disappear or become rehabilitated," she said. "They'll just move to places where they are properly rewarded, like Ireland or England, Croatia or Japan or the United States, countries where it is much more lucrative to be a prostitute than it is in Israel."
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