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Fair point. I added it because fundi prods - mostly of the Northern Unionst/Loyalist variety, are often as anti abortion as conservative Roman Catholics are. In fact there is a growing rapproachment between fundi prods and conservative Catholics against what they see as the growing liberalisation/seculariastion of Irish society, North and south.

Both point to their "friendship" with the other as evidence that theirs is not a sectarian agenda and that they have nothing against each other - when the fact is that both are engaged in a conspiracy against "liberals" who want to keep the state out of moral affairs.

Non-fundamentalist protestants may have a variety of views on abortion, but they consider it a private matter and not something the state should seek to criminalise. I'm cool with that. If you add them to "liberal" Catholics who have rejected their own church's teaching and authority and contraception/divorce/child protection/gay rights/abortion plus non-religious people you probably have a small if poorly organised majority for liberalisation of laws on Abortion.

The question is which side is going to have more influence with the Government? I suppose my letter is a thilyn veiled threat that the "liberal" side are not going to take government by theocrats lying down, and that they risk damaging their authority within the state even further by going down the fundi route.

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