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Thank you melo. I knew that Missios' world view and distilled experience would resonate here and this is why I wanted to share this.


with an eye to repairing the break in our sense of connectedness to our universe, and nurturing of the concomitant humility resulting from that perception

 Interestingly, "mending the tear of the world" / tikkun olam is also called for in the Judaic tradition - if one thinks about it, the ecological catastrophe of today is simply the logical outcome and reflection of the primordial split of humanity and the world.

By now, we have the tools (summarized as "empathy" by Rifkin in the Empathic Civilization) but the scale and entrenchment of the problem is such that we are losing the battle for time. For me, Missios has been a strong voice of reminder for what needs to be done and I wanted to share  a small portion of it. The crux is how to do it - how to balance the personal and social effort...

Orthodoxy is not a religion.

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Interestingly, "mending the tear of the world" / tikkun olam is also called for in the Judaic tradition

yeah, i was thinking that while the words appeared. it's sadly ironic that we don't see more of this side of judaism (or any other major religion, for that matter) today, when it is needed more than ever.

as you say, the crux is how to do it, become forces for change in the personal and social spheres, and then apply the insights to the split between our tribe's needs and those of the other tribe living next door, the over-investment in racial identity, leading to jingoism and a bloodsport team mentality...

those whipping up fervency in these populist memes are responsible for so many of our problems today, and much of it is indoctrinated into children very young, through sport programs at school, compounded by flag worship, anthem incantations with warlike references, oaths to domestic bodies, odes to folly... 'the thin red line' comes to mind .

"ours' not to reason why..."

thanks to your link i went and reread some bookchin, to top up the tank as it were.

powerful stuff, i am reminded why DeAnander would refer to him so much.

empathy is indeed the key! if we promoted that in schools with the same passion, what a different world we could engender!

a kind of moral eugenics, (such an ugly word!).

perhaps 'taking responsibility for our epigenome' has a sweeter ring!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

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