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Well, Pasok will re-group after the leadership question is solved. Pasok basis is the private and public sector employees. So it's mainly lower middle class, which not only still exists but it expands as parts of the upper middle class are re-homogenising with lower middle class. But that is a long talk and it's not confined to Greece.

For Dimar let me have a different opinion. It's a typical poll bubble created by the media and fed with the dissapointment of voters. We' ve seen that before in Greece, France, Germany etc. Maybe an one-off nice election performance and that's it. Moreover, Dimar is currently heavily funded by a media and shipping tycoon, a fellow Kretan of yours, as a means to support Samaras by weakening Pasok. We' ve seen that before with a previous leader of the same fraction of the Left.  

I wish things would be as you describe them, but they aren't.

Anyway, election day is coming (and with it Darkness).

"Eurozone leaders have turned a €50bn Greek solvency problem into a €1,000bn existential crisis for the European Union." David Miliband

by Kostis Papadimitriou on Tue Feb 14th, 2012 at 12:35:21 AM EST
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