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you might want to read a little about that before making wild claims.

Germany received some 1.4 billion US$ over the whole Marshal plan duration; which amounts to slightly more than 10% of its overall size. Germany repaid about 2/3 of that.

Forgetting the Versailles war reparations, are we?

Forgetting the reparations to the victims of war crimes, are we?

Forgetting the reparations to occupied states for the goods and services looted from them during the war, are we?

On the other hand, the allies took values from Germany, in the form of dismantled industries, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and abducted scientists that exceeded that sum by orders of magnitutde.

Oh, you mean they took away war criminals like von Braun and put them to use in their own industries instead of shooting them? How was that burden not self-inflicted, again?

Patents, trademarks and trade secrets were not internationally protected at the time, so no dice there.

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