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Among professionals that is indeed the legal principle.

Except when it comes to government bonds, apparently. You're not allowed to tell the buyer to fuck off and die on those, are you?

But this nowhere in the eurozone includes Germany doesn't it?

It does.

Believing in fairy tales is not an excuse for murder.

And let's be perfectly fucking clear here: What Mr. Schauble is doing is murder. Clear, cold-blooded murder. Before this crisis is over, he and his friends will have murdered tens of thousands of Greeks and God only knows how many Spaniards, Irish and Italians.

Major industrial depressions are not a fucking game that you get to play over drinks in the country club.

Hold on. is there a single, I repeat a single european government proposing that? You see the problem?

No, I do not see any problem with attacking the most stridently insane country of the lot.

When Germany starts acting less insane than the Netherlands, I will happily begin going after the Netherlands. Until and unless that happens, however, you are making pathetic excuses.

>I am noting that under current treaty arrangements they have no power to overrule an obstructionist German position.<

Of course they can. Theres is no German veto not shared with any other Eu country.

My emphasis.

See the problem here?

In every majority voting case, there is a possibility to out-vote Germany. And at the ECB, the center of your complaints, is is really easy to outvote two german members on the council.

And every time they do that, the Bundesbank immediately goes to Frankfurter Allgemeine BildZeitung and shrieks and whines about how unfair everybody is treating Germany until it stops.

>The US Fed/Treasury are doing an almost reasonable job of fighting their recession.<

Nonsense. The stimulus was much to small. But even you can't refashion republicans or moderate democrats into german agents, so you rather paint a rosy picture.

The stimulus was much too small, certainly.

But I note that no American state has seen 34 % drops in government outlays, 15 % drops in nominal wages and unemployment percentages in the high 20s. Even after you strip out all the lies the Americans put in their statistics, they're still outperforming the Troika by five to ten percentage points on all important measures.

>I am not postulating a German conspiracy. I am noting that Germany has been peddling toxic economic Lysenkoism to the rest of Europe for four solid decades now.<

In other words, you are postulating a conspiracy. And I thought blaming les anglo saxons is simple minded.

I am blaming the Hayekians. I am noting that Germany is the foremost peddler of the Hayekian cancer in Europe today.

- Jake

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by JakeS (JangoSierra 'at' gmail 'dot' com) on Sat Feb 18th, 2012 at 12:18:03 PM EST
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