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but a bigger stimulus wouldn't have hurt ('adequate' is not an exaggerated size).

That is a much weaker claim and you could say the same with more justification about the american stimulus. As far as I remembered krugman admitted grudgingly that the (german) stimulus was big enough for Germany and then aargued oit was to small for the whole EU.

I thought is was to small back then too, but are not so sure now. That said, there was a bot of top on off the original stimulus

 >And the argument was symptomatic of a general opposition to fiscal stimulus, as we saw by the "crass Keynesianism" "argument" (ahem) of late 2008,>

The stimulus in Germany did indeed came months to late, but the resistance had crumbled around the time of the inauguration of Obama.

As far as I remember the stimulus in other european countries wasn't timely too.

by IM on Sat Feb 18th, 2012 at 01:11:47 PM EST
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