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The weird thing is that whilst I got very angry at Gyurcsany during his disastrous/clumsy period as PM, I actually think DK look like they may turn out more promising than the MSZP in some ways. They may actually have a better grasp and understanding of what's going on, even if they totally fail to offer much other than neo-liberalism. At the core of it, I suspect many in the upper-working/middle class no longer trust the MSZP as effective administrators.

The opportunity for DK is bigger than I initially thought it would be, if they manage two things: a) provide a lead candidate other than Gyurcsany to deflect the light b) think about positive reforms people would actually vote for (eg in relation to education, freedom of information, housing). The first of these currently seems less likely.

by car05 on Wed Feb 22nd, 2012 at 10:13:14 AM EST
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