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Also on Tuesday, prime minister Viktor Orbán held his traditional "year in review" speech. This is Fidesz's import of the US State of the Union Address, except it isn't held in front of parliament but in front of thousands of supporters in a large conference room.

In addition to tried-and-tested rhetoric blaming every mishap on the preceding eight years of Socialist rule, the focus of the speech was on the middle class. Those below were addressed in similar tones as in the PR action of the Fidesz leaders of Mezőkövesd: he said 'those left behind have to be herded back into the world of labour with gentle rigour', in other words the poor are work-shy lowlifes deserving to be commanded around. (And yes, I know upper-middle-class Fidesz supporters who think exactly like that.)

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by DoDo on Thu Feb 9th, 2012 at 08:37:23 AM EST

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