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I wondered the other day about the realities of Chinese politics, and then this is served by FT:

Chinese infighting: Secrets of a succession war - FT.com

Many political insiders and analysts argue that Mr Bo's primary aim in the crackdown was to discredit Wang Yang, his predecessor as Chongqing party secretary and his main rival for a spot on the politburo standing committee. Most of the targeted Chongqing business people and officials had flourished under the administration of Wang Yang (who is unrelated to Wang Lijun). The most prominent casualty of the campaign was Wang Yang's former deputy police chief, who was executed in July 2010.

Known as the "two cannons" for their outspoken politicking and rivalry, Mr Bo and Wang Yang have presented very different visions for China's future, with the latter - now party secretary of Guangdong province in the south - arguing strongly for a fresh political and economic approach.

Power, money and torture - the realities of high level politics in China appears to be pretty grim.

FT:s subscription-wall appears to still be possible to pass if one first googles the titel and then follows that link.

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