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* Kirsty Walker in the Daily Mail says David Cameron will be his own bespoke iPad app to keep him up to date with government information. (Although he could, of course, save money just be reading this blog.)

At a glance, Mr Cameron will be able to keep up to date with all the latest information from across Government on his 'management dashboard'.

The application - tailor made for the PM - will produce data on polling, unemployment figures, NHS waiting lists and movements in the markets with just the touch of an iPad screen.

It will also give 'real time' news feeds from Google, Twitter and other outlets so the Prime Minister can keep up to date with events in the UK and around the world. Computer programmers inside the Cabinet Office have been working for the past few months on developing the personalised application.

According to reports, the cost of producing the software is estimated to have hit £20,000.

Or instead, we could offer him a subscription to ET for... say, half that amount.

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