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In any event, it is hard to fathom why Cohn-Bendit finds it important to highlight this issue, which is at best a non sequitur as far as today's France goes (noting in passing that the regional language movement in France has typically been a traditionalist, right-wing endeavour, and certainly not a progressive one. It is hard enough to ensure that French schoolchildren learn in equal measure, in the hardscrabble suburbs as opposed to the cushy neighbourhoods of western and central Paris, proper French)

Well, if that's the left's attitude, it's small wonder that people who value their regional languages have to turn to the right. Ever thought of it like that? I think it is a fault of the left to continuously underrate what most people wish in their local surroundings in order to feel at home.

Schoolchildren can easily learn a regional language AND French properly, by the way.

by Katrin on Tue Apr 10th, 2012 at 03:24:20 PM EST

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