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Sure, that's understood that DCB would (none / 0) be criticising on that basis. But why now? Is he trying to gain votes for Joly? I don't think so, he's been undermining Joly as well.

No, I think he's really all about himself here, Dany the Red, getting more media attention, having really nothing to offer but the spectacle of himself on the television or in the newspaper yet again, nothing new to say. It would be nice if he spent half the time beating up on Le Pen or Sarkozy as he has on Mélenchon or Joly.

Good points.


On the issue of regional languages, are their native Sami speakers still? If so, then of course Sami-language schooling should be offered by the State.

Sami languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Native speakers: Approximately 20,000-30,000[citation needed]  (date missing)

The variants that has survived are taught at least in Sweden, Finland and Norway (don't know about Russia). But then again nowadays minority rights are recognised as long as they are not some outlandish claim like getting their land back (with all those minerals, timber and hydro resources), cause that is not going to happen.

But I did some checking, and according to wikipedia Occitan is a much bigger language then Sami.

Occitan language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Native speakers: 2,000,000  (1999)[1]

Is this false?

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