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Occitan (English pronunciation: ˈɒksɨtən,[4] Occitan: [uksiˈta] or [utsiˈta]),[5] known also as Lenga d'òc (Occitan: [ˈleŋɡɔ ˈðɔ(k)]; French: Langue d'oc), is a Romance language spoken in southern France, Italy's Occitan Valleys, Monaco, and Spain's Val d'Aran: the regions sometimes known unofficially as Occitania. It is also spoken in the linguistic enclave of Guardia Piemontese (Calabria, Italy). It is an official language in Catalonia, Spain (known as Aranese in Val d'Aran).[6] Occitan's closest relative is Catalan.[7] Since September 2010, the Parliament of Catalonia has considered Aranese Occitan to be the officially preferred language for use in the Val d'Aran.

Catalan is mentioned as the closest relative, not as coming under the heading "Occitan". And the Occitan officialised in Spain is the (Gascon dialect) Aranese of the Val d'Aran.

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