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I do not understand why mentioning the presence of radioactive compounds from Fukushima is ipso facto scary.  Wasn't trying to scare anyone.  Wasn't scared myself by the information.  I find it interesting that these remnants of the latest nuclear accident are detectable in the Eastern USA and that scientists are studying them.

Sorry if I scared you.  The sources are referenced in the piece if you want to check my interpretation.

The new gamma camera may be useful.  Hope that doesn't scare you as well.

How do you define "our nature"?  Lots of wiggle room there.  In all probability, culture is already aligned with "our nature" as we were the ones who built it.

On all kinds of baby purpose, you invented whoever
you think you  are.  Out of ingredients you couldn't
choose, by a process you can't control.
from "Entire Sermon by the Red Monk" by Lew Welch

That baby purpose, the ingredients we didn't choose, and the process we can't control apply to culture as well.

Solar IS Civil Defense

by gmoke on Sun Apr 8th, 2012 at 04:52:53 PM EST
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