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The details will be worked up by the next stage, the Environmental Impact Report, which will have to work up notional timetables for the various detailed alternatives for ridership modeling.

The mode comparison appendix available at the link given in the article give competitive mode travel times Omaha/Chicago as 8:15 for car (I80), 8:30, 8:45 and 9:45 for commercial bus (4x daily), and 4:40 for air travel (17X daily), and rail time from 7:30 to 9:00. Obviously the Quad cities, Iowa City and Des Moines would be less than that. 9hrs is the Amtrak timetabled schedule along the Burlington line.

At 7:30, Omaha/Chicago, 2:30 Quad Cities / Chicago, you could have 5 services through Iowa, 5 services Quad Cities and Chicago, 4 services Omaha to Chicago with four trains and the existing long distance sleeper service:

To Chicago
(#1) QC 5:45am ~ 8:15am (QC Rocket)
(LD) Oma 5am ~ 12:30pm (Zephyr from Denver)
(#2) Oma 6am ~ 1:30pm (Cornhusker Rocket)
(#3) Oma 10:30am ~ 6pm (Cornhusker Rocket)
(#4) Oma 2pm ~ 9:30pm (Cornhusker Rocket)
(#1) Oma 5:30pm ~ 10:30pm QC (Cornhusker Rocket)

From Chicago
(#3) QC 6am ~ 10am Oma (Hawkeye Rocket)
(#4) 6am ~ 1:30pm Oma (Cornhusker Rocket)
(#1) 9:30am ~ 5pm Oma (Cornhusker Rocket
(#2) 2pm ~ 9:30pm Oma (Cornhusker Rocket)
(LD) 3:30pm ~ 11pm Oma (Zephyr to Denver)
(#3) 6:30pm ~ 9pm QC (QC Rocket)

Obviously that timetable improves if that could be pulled down to 6:45 with a 15 minute turn, but that would be workable given the dominance of Chicago in that market.

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