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Solar insulation in Japan is higher than in Germany.
This improves the economics - Sticking a given installation on your roof costs about the same, but it produces more in Japan, and since FiT's pay out for actual production any given feedin tarrif level is a considerably stronger incentive in Japan than it would be in Germany. Setting a much higher tarrif than Germany - when the german tarrif has been extremely effective in spurring lots and lots of installation- is just not good policy. I dont know what level of installation they are expecting, but they are going to overshoot it. Very badly. Which is highly likely to cause problems, both of the engineering variety and the political kind.

Hmm. I predict a very good year for solar cell industry. Not so sure about 2014, tough.

by Thomas on Fri Jun 22nd, 2012 at 02:15:56 PM EST
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