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No. What you would get is an assembly without a partisan majority, in which the libdems imagine being the perpetual swing group.

This is a largely mechanical result of the proposed electoral system : proportional by region, as for the European parliamentary elections. We can extrapolate the last result, that of 2009, to get an idea. There are 5 parties representing the UK in the EU: by size of group, Conservative, Labour, Ukip, Libdem, Green. There might be one or two more parties represented because of the smaller quota required (120 "lords" per election, compared to 72 EMPs), but you get the idea.

This is sufficiently different from the FPP Commons method to be a pretty good way to elect an upper house. But cut the "life senztors" crap please.

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by eurogreen on Fri Jun 29th, 2012 at 05:29:54 PM EST
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