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It is mixed forest with cedar, oak, hickory, ash, walnut, etc., etc. along with introduced species, including various pine, spruce, and fir trees along with ornamentals such as white magnolia, pink magnolia, tulip trees, ornamental pear trees, redbud, dogwood, and various cultivated fruit trees and bushes. From or on my property I have seen deer, turkey, roadrunners, red tail hawks, turkey vultures, grey squirrels, possums, racoons, woodchuck, rabbits, and, from what the cat has drug in, a chipmunk, wood rats, mice voles and a star nosed mole. We have robins, cardinals, titmice, mocking birds, house wrens, blue jays, brown thrashers piliated, redheaded and ladderbacked woodpeckers pretty much year round and seasonally I have seen painted buntings, indigo buntings, bluebirds, juncos, along with red and bluebreasted nuthatches. In addition I have heard owls and whipporwills as well as coyotes and have seen bats sweeping the twilight summer sky for insects. That is just what I can remember off the top of my head. We are part of the Eastern Woodlands fauna area, almost at the boundary between the northern and southern areas.  

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