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 through the work of IMF (Yugoslavia in the 80ies being one of the first victims).
Yes...in the 80ies there was a lack of foreign... money (to pay debts)  and in ex YU they found solution so we were not to import stuff like coffee, components for laundry powder,chocolate etc. so there was none of these stuff on the market.Black market obviously flourished and inflation started to kick , but it was nothing compared to what happened later... Also we were exporting electricity abroad and that's why we had to have restrictions. Then came Ante Markovic...Suddenly dinar : D Mark parity was 1:7 and stable and everything was better then ever before that people could remember.
But it did not last long...Markovic was kicked out by leadership of all republics and here came the war...

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by vbo on Wed Aug 1st, 2012 at 02:50:58 AM EST
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