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Do we have a conspiracy fronted by an amateur archeologist, backed by the Bosnian Government in an attempt to build national identity and improve the economy; or are we dealing with an international elite oppressing and censoring a small war torn country trying to promote and preserve a crucial aspect of heritage that turns conventional wisdom on it's head?

The former but possibly without the conspiracy: being too in love with an idea and without scientific rigour can be enough. There is a long history of history moulded to back up the ideology of the current regime, and a shorter history of moulding history and archaeology to national mythology. A good example is what we know about a truly ancient civilisation, China: the official line is that it is like a tree with everything going back to a single neolithic culture along the Yellow River, but I read multiple times that research into separate ancient cultures along the Yangtze River and the southern seacoast have been suppressed or compromised.

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by DoDo on Mon Aug 27th, 2012 at 01:28:40 PM EST

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