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and the bigger the site, the larger the ammount of Human detritus, (shell and bone middens, graveyards/burial mounds, local deforestation, towns/cities for workers) you have to have found in the area for it to be built. and it's the cultral artifacts that are the important things. Find a big mound of rocks or a mound, and ask an archaeologist what it's for and they'll say "Ritual purposes" that's the archaeological version of "We don't know, but someone has given us a bundle of cash so we're not going to admit it"

as a rough rule of thumb, If the number of papers about the culture that has built the monuments, the stratigraphy of the living spaces, the pollen and bones and shells in the middens and so forth doesn't severely outweigh the papers on the pyramids/hills  in the site then you know that they aren't real archaeologists

The statement that other cultural details are being lost tends to make me think they're a) avoiding doing any actual real archaeology and b) actual archaeologists are calling them out on it in the academic press in the language of the science.

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