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First, by reading the 27 references in the Wikipedia article, I suppose. This, however, is instantly suspicious:
The dig began in April 2006, and has involved reshaping the hill to make it look like a Mayan step pyramid.
This claim
Osmanagić claims the excavation has produced evidence of building blocks as well as tunnels. Additionally Osmanagić claims to have found tunnels in the hillside which he interprets as ventilation shafts.
should be relatively straightforward to check, too. The Wiki quotes experts invited by Osmanagic who came out saying the structures are natural
Osmanagić also invited geologist and alternative archaeologist Robert Schoch to visit the site. In a preliminary report Schoch concluded that there were natural geological explanations for all the features claimed to be artificial by Osmanagić.
Just to add, the site could be eligible as a World Heritage Site whether or not it's man-made. Geological formations are perfectly suitable candidates.

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