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How about this re: Vatican leaks?

Today the Vatican has withdrawn their complaint. They know now what the Streisand effect is. Titanic will have to do their own PR now, without help from the Vatican.

If this is a case at all, it's personality rights, and that's what the Vatican has cited. I've just checked: the pictures are not yet available online again. Titanic had never stopped the print edition though (and they have sold a lot of them with this PR!). They have the Pope in his white soutane as title picture, with a yellowish spot and the text "Hallelujah! The leak in the Vatican is found!". The back of the magazine shows the pope from behind and a brownish spot. A bit puerile and not exactly political if you ask me. Not comparable to the very good picture on the child abuse scandal (which made the Vatican whine a lot), or the tin, the best anti-consumerist satire ever. If you don't know it and are interested, I can explain the tin.

But religion is a matter of political opinion and therefore up for debate and criticism - whereas race, sexuality and other fundamentals aren't

How is religion a matter of political opinion? You are just confirming my suspicion that what you really suffer from is a wrong perception of what is progressive.

by Katrin on Sat Sep 1st, 2012 at 12:14:02 PM EST
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