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Certainly comparable. An amateur video was produced which offended religious people. Then...

An extreme right-wing "trade union" called "clean hands" sued singer-songwriter Javier Krahe for his role in making this video. The courts accepted the lawsuit and initiated proceedings. The judge ordered preventative prison [intended for dangerous criminals or when there's risk the accused will flee the jurisdiction], which Krahe avoided by posting €200,000 in bail. Eventually the case was thrown out. Read more about it here.

God is busy with bigger things, but the arrogance of men makes them feel obligated to defend him, Penal Code in hand.

On the basis of that legislation, a Catholic association named after the Renaissance philosopher Thomas More took two people to court: the singer-songwriter Javier Krahe and Montserrat Fernández, director of a television program that aired an old movie about Krahe's life which included a humorous sketch showing viewers how to "bake" a crucifix in the oven.

The trial sparked a flood of comments by supporters and opponents of the legislation; there was also heated debate regarding the fact that the offending events were so old -- Krahe's crucifix short was released in 1977, and the television program dates from 2004.

Clean Hands shoud have been laughed out of court in the first instance. Barring that, Krahe should never have been asked to post bail to avoid preventative prison.

If you are not convinced, try it on someone who has not been entirely debauched by economics. — Piero Sraffa
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