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Indeed, it's a matter of whether it was covered by whistleblower protection.

Since I don't know what it was he leaked, I shan't comment except in generalities: The Pope's private life is not in the public interest unless it involves exposing the hypocrisy of the Pope preaching against an activity in public which he indulges in in private.

The Church's internal policymaking is in the public interest, for the same reason British Petroleum's is.

Of course, since the Pope is a nasty old bigot who wants to intrude politically in nearly every aspect of private life - from smoking pot to divorce to extramarital sex to sexual orientation - it is difficult to imagine any private vice of his which would not expose his policies as rank hypocrisy, and therefore be in the public interest. I suppose onanism would be one, since the Church has largely ceded to reality on that subject.

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