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West's hypocrisy over Pussy Riot is breathtaking

For the British and US governments to get on high horses about the sentencing of the Pussy Riot band members is hypocrisy; both countries don't walk the talk on liberty and freedom of speech

The same sentiment a year ago motivated English magistrates to play to the gallery by jailing 1,292 people for stealing bottles of water or trainers or tweeting idiot messages during the dispersed rampage dubbed `urban riots'. Hysterical ministers raced home from holiday to tell judges to send messages. Judges duly ruined the lives of hundreds of young people, at great public expense and to no advantage to their victims. I have no sympathy for these people either, but again the politicised response to crime was disproportionate.

A month before, a London court jailed a stoned Charlie Gilmour after he swung on a union flag from the Cenotaph memorial to Britain's war dead and tossed a bin at a police car, thus causing widespread outrage in the offices of the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. The judge sent him down for 18 months to send a message carefully designed to wreck his university career. Yet again we need have no sympathy for Gilmour. But there is no such thing as a rap over the knuckles in jail. Judges know that any term in prison is a sentence for life.

How can British politicians, whose statements clearly seek to influence pliable judges, criticise other sovereign states for doing likewise? Last week, the Foreign Office professed itself "deeply concerned" at the fate of Russia's Pussy Riot three, jailed for two years for "hooliganism" in Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral.  

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by vbo on Thu Aug 30th, 2012 at 08:43:05 AM EST

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