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I recommend a look at the pictures, especially the one "Kirche heute". The blowjob picture about the child abuse scandal triggered off a very fierce debate, of course. In my view the best comment defending the picture was "It shows a priest raping my church and this is true." The context of the picture must be clear and easy to grasp, and it must be something everybody can make sense of.

One picture is missing there, oddly. It's from prehistoric times and made Titanic famous. The picture is an answer to an ad campaign of the tin industry. They showed pictures of beautiful or practical things that were made of recycled tins with a caption "I was a tin". The idiotic message was, the more tins you buy, the better for the environment.

Titanic's answer was a huge scandal. Bavaria illegally confiscated the magazine. The churches demanded that heads roll and lodged complaints because of any law protecting religion that we have. All of them resulted in acquittals. Then it was the ad company's turn: a complaint because of plagiarism. Another acquittal.

Oddly enough I can't embed the picture, but here is the URL:

by Katrin on Sun Sep 2nd, 2012 at 03:14:33 PM EST
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