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Interestingly enough, your religious-inspired values appear to be sufficiently compatible with those of secular humanists to make discussion possible

Yes. Our values here in Europe have been shaped by philosophical and theological thought in the Church(es). Humanism didn't evolve in a philosophical vacuum, it is standing on the shoulders of older thought.

Oddly, you seem to imply or presume that this is the general case for religious-inspired political activists. Would that it were so!
What about the USA? Russia? Iran?

I've tried it. Engaged US American religious nutters and market taliban in debate. They squeaked and whined and became blue in the face and ran out of arguments quickly. If humans were created godlike, is there any justification to show less respect (and that includes some material aspects) to a disabled person than to God? Theologically there is only one answer to that: Christianity is not compatible with free marketism.  

by Katrin on Thu Aug 30th, 2012 at 09:38:15 AM EST

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