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Grey squirrel is not pushing out red squirrel from Sweden, probably because of the different ecosystem over here. Still, both red and grey squirrels are illegal to hunt over here, as a result of Brussels diktats.

Seems I was wrong on the timing though. The ban went into force some time in the 2000's.

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Ok, I can't find any references to EU meddling (damn, I was sure about this!). It seems our domestic idiots at the Nature Protection Agency thought that as the furs weren't economically valuable and that people don't eat the squirrels very often, the hunting was made illegal. Outrageous, but this is the situation all Swedish hunters suffer under: totally out of touch politically untouchable bureaucrats inventing and implementing very curious rules, straight out of the blue.

Maybe the EU still had something to do with, just that I can't find any sources. I'll have to check out my hunting rule books to make sure.

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