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Apparently he collected three parliamentarians of Haider's old outfit and one from the Social Democrats.
The official launch mostly consisted of him talking a lot.

Pros: He blames the banks bad investments and not lazy southerners. "Angela Merkel is either utterly stupid or in cahoots with the banks", "What is being forced on Greece..".
He is in favour of an orderly disintegration of the Eurozone, which compares favourably with the current policy of years of depression followed by disorderly collapse. No outright bashing of poor people as far as I can see.

Cons: Utter ignorance of Macroeconomics. "For 50 years we have been making losses" The pension system is supposedly close to collapse because of state debt. Also Bureaucracy!1!eleven. The state as a corporation.

Notes: He may not be a bad sort for douchey rich people but he is very old and his ego is the size of Jupiter. That is not a good combination and I give him about a 50% chance to crash and burn before the election.

by generic on Fri Sep 28th, 2012 at 06:53:07 AM EST
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