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Thanks for the info and corrections! I have edited the diary accordingly.

  1. I directly asked the ZNLE representative in the Griffin prototype about further Dragons, but apparently he wasn't informed about the new orders. I find at RAILCOLOR.NET (couldn't find anything on the ZNLE site) the orders are for four resp. five units (the latter announced at the InnoTrans).
  2. I wrote "previously", but upon checking, I found more pre-2012 EMU orders for NEWAG (including a re-awarding of an EMU contract originally won by PESA).
  3. I had an inkling because NEWAG and ZNLE had a shared stand, but I couldn't find any indication in my brochures or on ZNLE's web page (though now I did find it on the Historia page).

Regarding a future recession, I am more sceptical. What I mean is the next recession of the total national economy affecting the rail industry, not a sector-only contraction. EU funds help, but there has to be a national/regional government share in the financing. That part can fall victim to austerity measures, especially if subsidized passenger services are cut, as currently experienced by some South European countries.

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