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During my travel, I shot photos of all the vehicles which would have been a good illustration for the story on open access competition in the Czech Republic in the diary Rail policy updates.

First, the train of the second private competitor, Leo Express (currently in testing), was exhibited at the InnoTrans. It is a member of Swiss maker Stadler's FLIRT family, with comfortable interior (which gives me doubts regarding whether they can cut out a big enough market share to even be profitable).

I met a train of the first private competitor, RegioJet, in Prague main station. The train is cheaper (used-refurbished Austrian coaches and used Czechoslovak locos re-imported from an Italian regional railway), and they go for low-budget passengers, which would be a good thing save for the side effects. I wonder how'D they survive a recession economically, though. I saw they are utilising the locos in freight service, too.

The incumbent, state railways CD, operates Pendolino tilting trains (photographed through the train window leaving Prague main station):

There are also the international EuroCity trains, including mine (consisting of a loco of Slovakia's ŽSR and 15-20-years-old coaches of Hungarys MÁV-START), wich were to get newer CD trains but are now to be replaced by services ending in Prague:

Those new CD trains were to be hauled by CD's new Class 380, a type made by Škoda with the same specifications as the best West European electric locos, but problems in commissioning restricts them to domestic services as on the photo below. (The future Prague-Vienna-Graz services which CD will run in cooperation with Austria's ÖBB will use Austrian locos instead, which are already approved to cross the border and indeed reach Prague.)

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