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I wrote about the benefit of a separate railway system after giving the indeed separate, historical reason for 16.7 Hz. The deeper connection is that (1) the idea of a separate railway grid didn't arose because people foresaw its benefits but because the historical need for 16.7 Hz necessitated it, (2) connection to the public grid (with resulting savings in infrastructure investment for the railway) was the main selling point of the 50 ÍHz system at the time of its introduction. If we started today and we'd have a government willing to start major public investment with a long-term view on security of supply (rather than a short-term view on budget cuts), a 50 Hz or 100 Hz single-phase sytem would obviously make more sense, but we already have thousands of locomotives and substations (and power lines) not compatible with that.

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by DoDo on Wed Oct 3rd, 2012 at 12:37:50 PM EST
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