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IMHO the orders for the multi-engine and last-mile diesel TRAXXes were quite different. The first was a classic major order from a former state railway after a procurement competition, in which Bombardier took up the financial risks of any delays and product problems. The launch customer for the last-mile diesel TRAXX 3 is a leasing company, which doesn't have any fixed plans to operate the locos (which would be delayed by certification problems and connected delivery problems) and whose risk in using a new development is reduced by the possibility to lease to different customers (if the first or second customer doesn't find it practical).

I agree that the power of the first last-mile diesels is low, certainly not enough for line operation, thus a true success of the idea won't be possible before 500 kW units can be installed. However, using shunters at stations is not for free, it costs time and money, money which includes the maintenance of those shunters. With the last-mile diesel, you spare the investment and maintenance cost of a second set of transmission/converter, running gear and vehicle body.

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