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So Charlie Hedbo published a cartoon life of Mohammed. Well done!

Interestingly, the life of Mohammed has been filmed:

In accordance with Muslim beliefs regarding depictions of Muhammad, he was not depicted on-screen nor was his voice heard. At the beginning of the film, a statement is displayed, "The makers of this film honour the Islamic tradition which holds that the impersonation of the Prophet offends against the spirituality of his message. Therefore, the person of Mohammad will not be shown."
This rule extended to his wives, his daughters, his sons-in-law, and the first caliphs (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali). This left Muhammad's uncle Hamza (Anthony Quinn) and his adopted son Zayd (Damien Thomas) as the central characters. During the battles of Badr and Uhud depicted in the movie, Hamza was in nominal command, even though the actual fighting was led by Muhammad.
Whenever Muhammad was present or very close by, his presence was indicated by light organ music. His words, as he spoke them, were repeated by someone else such as Hamza, Zayd and Bilal. When a scene called for him to be present, the action was filmed from his point of view. Others in the scene nodded to the unheard dialogue.
The closest the film comes to a depiction of Muhammad or his immediate family are the view of Ali's famous two-pronged sword Zulfiqar during the battle scenes, a glimpse of a staff in the scenes at the Kaaba or in Medina, and Muhammad's camel, Qaswa.
However, that is not good enough for some
In 1977 a group of Islamic radicals took over a number of buildings in Washington, DC in protest against the film, demanding its destruction.
Question: does the CH life of Mohammed contain stuff like this?
And here is the image that will probably get the offices of Charlie Hebdo firebombed, a spoof of Mohammed as Brigitte Bardot with the caption "The film that embraces the Muslim world:"

("And my buttocks? Do you like my buttocks?")

Gotta love tasteful political humour...

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