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no, the comic book does not contain stuff like that. It's a straightforward illustrated biography. Once you get over Charb's rather ugly style (his characters all look much the same, except when he's drawing political figures who have to be recognizable), the usual comic-book mechanisms come into play, you like the hero, you learn about his life and formative influences, it's difficult to read through it and not come out with a positive opinion of Mohamed the man (it covers his early life, before he declared himself the Prophet).

The comic effects come mostly from the miraculous folklore which is recounted and illustrated (Mo's parents were perpetually bathed in a luminous glow; when Mo crossed the desert on his camel, he was always accompanied by a cloud which protected him from the sun; and so on). But in modern times, probably only the mentally-retarded actually literally believe that sort of stuff, so I see no harm, from a religious point of view, in making fun of it.

Whether the reader concludes that the comic is hostile towards Islam or towards Muslims is entirely subjective, of course (objectively, that would be hard to demonstrate, since it covers Mo's pre-Islamic period). I think not.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II

by eurogreen on Mon Jan 7th, 2013 at 11:23:09 AM EST
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