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"a specific value for other countries"

Nope. There are no exact figures. For Germany there are several specific values. In other words no reliable data, because we don't know how the question of the survey was framed. 3% "feel" they are Muslims. How many members of Muslim communities is that? And what do people mean when they say they are religious? I remember a poll of immigrants who had just arrived (and which I can no longer find). Almost all Poles and Iranians answered they were "very religious". Additional questions and their answers showed that the "very religious" Poles don't necessarily attend a Mass every year, let alone several times, while the "very religious" Iranians didn't necessarily have a prejudice against eating pork.

The only thing we know is that Muslims are a tiny minority in Europe (even if your 5% are accurate, which we can't know).

by Katrin on Tue Jan 8th, 2013 at 10:37:22 AM EST
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