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But willingness to excuse any barbarism in the name of such forbearance is a disservice both to secular civilization (but I repeat myself) and to progressive members of the religion in question.


Which barbarism? (And which secular civilization while you are at it?) Who is excusing any barbarism? There is no reaction from the persecuted minority in question that I am aware of. Does ignoring the racist provocations of a magazine that obviously wants to sell more copies by appealing to fears of "political Islam" already count as barbarism?

When Muslims protested against denigrations of their religion, these protests were condemned as barbarianism. When they don't react and consequently the sales of that rubbish magazine don't rise, it's barbarianism too. Is there anything Muslims can do that would find your approval, apart from giving up their religion?

by Katrin on Thu Jan 3rd, 2013 at 11:40:57 AM EST
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