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No debate about religion can be solved, because it is all based on axioms asserted from a basis of tradition, prejudice, greed, thirst for power, hatred, fear, etc. You simply cannot make headway in a religious argument, because logic does not apply. That is the great discovery of the Enlightenment, which has been sadly forgotten in many quarters--or never experienced in others.

So all these fall into one big category called "people who take religion seriously":

  • Radical Islamists.
  • Semi-secular Moslems.
  • The Pope.
  • Secular Europeans who pay taxes to support churches.
  • Fundamentalist Americans who stand on street corners and shout about Bible passages.
  • Radio preachers.
  • NASCAR fans and rodeo cowboys.
  • Atheists who think about their atheism.
  • Cosmologists.

It is a waste of time to talk with any of them.
by asdf on Thu Jan 3rd, 2013 at 11:48:10 AM EST

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