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it's crazy how repetitive these scripts are.

if moslems anywhere started publishing provocative pix of jesus doing obscene things (i know we already have artists in 'xtian' countries doing this already, so se beat them to it, lol!), would we think it was great for free speech, if our xtian fundies got hot'n'bothered and started firebombing their newspapers?

it's so fucking juvenile a. to let your own faith be so high and mighty in your own mind that it begs to be lampooned, and b. give a rat's posterior if it is.

it is not moslem countries who have been bombing our homelands, it is not moslems who are making shit up to justify wars for others' resources, mostly they want to attract others to their religion by example rather than the xtian insufferable coercion-through-fear'n'guilt 'our' side has burdened the planet with for centuries, in the name of a prophet who explicitly did not.

these ancient monotheisms have been encrusted with obsolescence since the day when they started forgetting their humble roots, gold lacquering their temple spires and insinuating their wiles into politics.

if we really want to keep our right to free(ish) speech, we should use it responsibly, not like a red rag in a bullpen, not only because it's stupid for the bulls, but because it's stupid for us too, it's being arrogant.

not because of their poor little tender feelings their widdle avatar might theoretically feel so vulnerable to, 500+ years after his death but because it's beneath us to go push teh stupid button just because we can, big whoop, watch them jump up'n'down and set fire to things. hardy har... ain't they cute? aren't we the masters?

when i was a young teenager i used to visit my godparents in sussex. they had one of those mountain shepherd horns, the really long ones.

i used to like to take it out on the balcony overlooking the next door farms and give it a good blow till i got the embouchure right and pow, the sound was really great! the funnest part was watching the cows scatter and run around almost a mile away!

i grew out of it, and respectfully would ask if we could grow up as a culture when it comes to getting along with our neighbours. being callow is not hip or avant-guarde or cutting edge or kewl, it's just dumb, and considering the long train of insults they have had to put up with from the rumsfelds et al to their nations and pride, it's colossally, head-bangingly stupid, and makes us look like we're in high school.

it's not the silly cartoons per se, but the cock-a-snook sniper aspect that is especially galling, if we are sincere about inviting them to a better form of politics than the muslim brotherhood is capable of, this has to be one of the clumsiest ways of making that effort.

epic fail... to the point that i really have to wonder if there isn't a psyops side to it all. it's that dumb, like giving land to air missiles to the mujahaddin was.

religion is not the real problem here, fanaticism is, and i hear it in those defending the right to free speech, no matter what, and damn the consequences. we can nip religious extremism in the bud without winding up the loons.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Thu Jan 3rd, 2013 at 06:27:19 PM EST

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