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the only reaction that I can find to the publication is the above press release, in various papers; a prudent "no comment" from the government spokesperson (she doesn't want to judge it because she hasn't seen it yet! I like her); disapproval from the foreign minister (oil on the fire) because he's negotiating with islamic partisans holding French hostages in Africa.
One opinion piece in l'Express (centre right) calling for Charlie Hebdo to be banned. A bit more reaction from North African web sites (a key "market" for the culture war, and for CH), rather mixed and moderate.

Nothing from French Islamists so far, nor from any "official" French Muslim source.

"Vos avis" sur BD de Charlie Hebo sur Mahomet : pourquoi les musulmans s'agacent - BFMTV.com "Your opinion" on BD Charlie Hebo about Muhammad: Why Muslims are annoyed - BFMTV.com
Mais certains s'agacent de "provocations" à répétition. "Cela va être perçu comme une provocation par les musulmans de France", avance Samir Amghar, auteur de l'essai Le salafisme aujourd'hui.But some are annoyed by repeated "provocations". "It will be seen as a provocation by Muslims of France," suggests Samir Amghar, author of the essay Salafism today .
Toutefois, ajoute-t-il, "ils ont intériorisé la culture politique de la société française qui incite à respecter l'opinion de l'autre. Ils ne vont donc pas se mobiliser." C'est d'ailleurs l'avis de Younès Chabchoub : "S'ils veulent faire des dessins, je ne vais pas, en tant que musulman, le leur interdire !"However, he adds, "they have internalized the political culture of French society that encourages respect the opinions of others. They will not mobilize on this issue." This is also the opinion of Younis Chabchoub: "If they want to make drawings, as a Muslim, I'm not going to forbid them!"

Provisional conclusion : This publication is a victory in the culture war; a positive step in the normalisation of Islam.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II
by eurogreen on Fri Jan 4th, 2013 at 09:35:33 AM EST
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