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 If "power" is a taboo concept in Germany, in France it is terms such as "German model", "competitiveness" and "globalisation".

So much silliness in one sentence. Power as concept anathema to Germans? Tell that to unemployed Spaniards or shivering Greeks. Present EU austerity policy is all about German power projection. This is to laugh. And, if "German model" is looked upon with such disdain, is it something particularly French or, rather, something bourne of the natural scepticism one feels when one recalls the glorification of the "anglo-american model" a decade ago, or the "japanese model" a generation ago, both of which proved every bit of a bust as today's supposed "German model" will prove. And, as for competitiveness, who can forget that but 10 years ago, it was Germany the sick man of Europe, not the PIIGS. Of course, back then the ECB was charting a course in the sick man's interest, as it continues to do today: again, this is another aspect of German power projection.

The amount of bullshit in one sentence is breathtaking.

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by r------ on Tue Jan 22nd, 2013 at 08:05:02 AM EST

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