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Art imitating life? Life imitating Art?

If gun-toting tough guys are your heroes, are you going to want to tote a gun? If the ubiquitous violence on television and in the cinema (and on the news) make you feel there's much to fear all around you, are you going to want to "weapon up"?

I think enough people answer "yes" to these questions to make the USA, because of the ease of access to weaponry, a dangerous, trigger-happy place. Also, life there is quite disempowering for many, and the fact of it reaches the whole population because of media saturation, and getting a gun is the quick (though delusional) fix for a feeling of powerlessness/impotence/vulnerability.

(Just my quick, off-the-cuff take on the topic.)

'tis strange I should be old and neither wise nor valiant. From "The Maid's Tragedy" by Beaumont & Fletcher

by Wife of Bath (kareninaustin at g mail dot com) on Wed Jan 30th, 2013 at 01:07:10 AM EST

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