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Beyond the insidious culture shaping, which is overrated in my opinion (symptom and not a cause as TBG said), a lot of this comes from inertia by way of Hollywood's own faith based belief system about what makes money. In their "too risky to take risks" world guns and tits sell, or at least this is their belief system, and like all dominant belief systems it will be their belief system until isn't.

The video game industry is in the same boat - game production became expensive (and therefore entirely corporate) in the mid 90s, and by the late 90s first person shooters (like Call of Duty) had taken probably half the market. Today FPSs probably account for 75% of game releases. Like the movie industry it will be this way until it isn't.

And as with any oligopoly industry it's easy to get lazy make the mistake of assuming that their output is a reflection of what the public connects to emotionally and intellectually. This assumes a free market is present and that the market maps to human emotions and intellect. Both are false in this case, or at least there is no remotely straight line to be drawn from point A to point B. I'll skip the rant on how queasy I get when leftists of all people use this as a rhetorical technique.

I like porn as an example. In the early to mid 90's it was "common knowledge" that all porn had the same vibe because straight men were the target audience and they all had identical desires (this was actually taken seriously and still is). By 2005 production and distribution costs for porn could be as low as effectively zero dollars (utilizing the youtube derivative porn sites). Now with something almost resembling a free market you could find pretty much whatever you wanted. Not only do straight male desires run the gamut, it turns out all humans across the gender spectrum have some and varied interest in porn as well.

you are the media you consume.

by MillMan (millguy at gmail) on Fri Feb 1st, 2013 at 09:27:36 PM EST

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