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Here is a story connected to Fyra where the problem is truyl endemic across Europe and connected to high-speed rail. (This is over a month old; I planned to include it in the next issue of Rail News Blogging, but I keep being delayed with that so I better post it now.)

Belgien/Niederlande: Zuschlagfreie Benelux-Verbindungen entfallenBelgium /Netherlands: Surcharge-free Benelux connections discontinued
Am 08.12.2012 verkehrte letztmalig eine zuschlags- und reservierungspflichtfreie Fernverkehrsverbindung zwischen Amsterdam und Brüssel.The last long-distance connection between Amsterdam and Brussels without a surcharge and mandatory reservation ran on 8 December 2012.
Seitdem müssen Passagiere gegen Aufpreis Züge der Produkte Fyra oder Thalys nutzen, was zu starken Protesten seitens der Fahrgäste führte. Bis zum Start der Fyra-Verbindung zwischen Antwerpen und Breda im April 2013 sind somit Den Haag, Dordrecht und Roosendaal ohne Fernverkehrsanbindung an Antwerpen und Brüssel...Since then, passengers have pay extra to use the products Fyra or Thalys, which led to strong protests by the passengers. Thus, until the start of the Fyra connection between Antwerp and Breda in April 2013, the Hague, Dordrecht and Roosendaal are without long-distance connections to Antwerp and Brussels...

There is this persistent delusion on managerial boards that passengers can be herded from cheaper to more expensive train services by denying them the former, and then they are surprised if people instead switch to private car, buses, hitch-hiking, or just stay home. This is done most often in connection with new high-speed rail (although it is done for the sake of conventional higher-quality services, too, see the demise of DB's InterRegio).

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

by DoDo on Tue Jan 29th, 2013 at 12:43:15 PM EST

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