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Whichever party chops away at Social Security will feel the voter's wrath at the next election.  Social Security is supported by 80%+ of Americans.  

The Republicans are taking the heat for the shutdown.  Most Americans are tired of their confrontational politics and their divorced-from-reality nonsense.  Whether that turns into Democratic candidate votes in November of 2014 is unknown.  

What can be said is the 2014 election environment (Fitness Landscape) is shaping against the GOP.  Voters 65 years old plus supported the GOP by +21 into 2010; that support has crumbled to +6.  Overall GOP favorables are at 28%, the lowest rating ever recorded by Gallup.  (I note Gallup is a "GOP Friendly" polling company.)  In fact the recent Gallup poll findings were called toxic for the GOP by a GOP pollster.


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by ATinNM on Sun Oct 13th, 2013 at 03:29:31 PM EST
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