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Completely false that the batter decides to swing or not before the pitch, much less in the windup. (He may decide he wants to swing, if he gets a pitch he can do something with. Or he may be taking a pitch because of the count. The vast majority of times he is reacting to the ball thrown, after analyzing speed, location and spin.)

Missing from this analysis is that the batter is also trying to position the "sweet spot" of the bat with the moment of contact, or about 10cm of the entire 100+cm wood. He's also trying not to roll over his top hand until just after the moment of contact.

The sample size on Ortiz' World Series is damn small, 15 at bats. AND, some of his outs have been very well hit. Most players are "streaky," that is they get hot for a while. Which may be evidence that something happens to body/brain chemistry over short periods making a trained hitter, with a hundred or more swings a day, including practice, more productive.

PS. The "World" Series currently includes amurka and one city in Canada. Heh. (Though many players are from the Caribbean, and some from Japan and Korea, and there are a few from Down Under.)

PPS. Hitters are now stripped to their skivvies and fitted with motion sensor points all over their bodies, to analyze swing force and efficiency.

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by Crazy Horse on Wed Oct 30th, 2013 at 03:06:44 PM EST
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